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Companionship and Leadership across all phases

We participated in a large number of projects with large volumina, high complexity and a mostly large number of participation of diverse companies and technical disciplines. From there we know the importance of the project preparation, as every project is a progression of tasks which connect up to previous results.

Now it becomes visible that steering a project start already at the initial build-up of the project. Aims and viable ways to achieve them mark the actual start of any project. Unclarity in early project phases grow into traps later during the implementation of the projects, and then create influence onto the vital elements of Time, Money and Quality.

Our consultancy in the area of projects therefore orients itself onto the companionship of the whole project, from its conception until the conversion and implementation. We put our focus onto the projects orientation and the ongoing project progress in relationship to the beforehand clarified and agreed goal. Our project coordination takes place on the process level and the systems level of an project.

Preparation of Projects

Good preparation leads to good projects

Tendering of Projects

The call for proposals influences the proposals

Awarding of Projects

The bidder and his proposal

Management of Projects

Experienced Leadership on projects as temporary service

Companionship on Projects

The complement to own project resources

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