Improve the Business Continuity of your industrial production with IEC/ISO-62443 Cyber-Security

Securing the Digital Assets in your industrial production is a strategic goal to ensure business continuity and improve resilience against risks weakening and threats targeting these digital assets.

With the increasing connectivity of production facilities, traditional risk management processes need to include your digital assets. As asset owner, plant operator, machine or control manufacturer must be aware of these risks associated to a loss of system integrity. Risk consequences may effectively endanger human safety, production assets, environmental safety or influence your customer. And cause disruptions to the business operation with high financial consequences.

The IEC/ISO-62443 standard provides a framework for cyber-security in industrial Operational Technology, especially when integrating Information Technology used in the enterprise with plant operations. And it pursues a holistic approach of the entire life-cycle of digital assets and organizational resources. Through implementation of this standard the Security Level and Maturity Level of the organization and operation can actively be managed to strengthen the business continuity against digital risks and threats of today and tomorrow.

Your Benefit

As experienced Industrial Consultants we understand Industrial Production, Plant Equipment and Processes, Operational Technology and Information Technology, Strategy and Management in the industrial business.

With this wide spectrum of understanding we are able to identify the wide range of risk to the continuity of your industrial business, resulting from digital risks and threats internal or external to the digital assets of your enterprise.

This holistic capacity in our consultancy offers you to have a single point of interaction in this important area of risk management on digital assets and business continuity. We also supervise actual technical implementations, as well as the organizational change process.

Risk Assessment

We perform a High-Level Risk Assessment of the components used in your Operational Technology and the organizational structure, processes and procedures in regards to risk to the operation resulting from cyber-security threats. Part of the assessment is that we determine the currently achieved Security Level on your Operational Technology, and the Maturity Level of your organisation in relationship to the industrial standard IEC/ISO-62443.

Recommendations to improve Security Level and Maturity Level

From the results of the High-Level Risk Assessment we prepare recommendations targeting to achieve a specific Security Level on your Operational Technology, depending on the risk exposure your industrial production has on the cyber-security risk and threat landscape. As risk management, in addition to technical provisions, also requires organizational maturity in strategies, processes and procedures, we also include recommendations targeting to achieve a specific Maturity Level of the organization.

Compliance Process to IEC/ISO-62443 standard implementation

With the results of the High-Level Risk Assessment and the recommendations to Security Level and Maturity Level, we are able to manage the compliance process with you on transitioning of the Operational Technology to the targeted Security Level, and your Organization to the targeted Maturity Level. Up to the point of preparing with you the compliance to IEC/ISO-62443 of your standard implementation for the initial audit and certification by an certified auditing entity.

Our Partner in Turkey

We serve industrial companies in Turkey together with our local partner Dataline Teknoloji: Official distributor and integrator of CISCO, Palo Alto, FortiNet and other cyber-security products and technologies. Dataline Teknoloji offers a complete portfolio of services and components to secure the network infrastructure on the operational technology of industrial production. The basis to implement the IEC/ISO-62443 standard on cyber-security.

Dataline Teknoloji