Industry 4.0

We take Industry 4.0 one step further

Industry 4.0 as term references to the counted fourth industrial revolution, following the introduction of Steam Engines, the concepts of Mass Production and the Automation by use of Information Technology and Robotics. The term is loaded by the concept of “Cyber-Physical Systems” to differentiate from the preceding phase of electronic Automation.

“Cyber-Physical System” describes the alliance of physical components with additional components through networking or a data infrastructure. The resulting systems shall be able to deal with a high level on complexity.

The basic idea of using “Cyber-Physical Systems” in industrial manufacturing is the reduction of Batch Sizes to lowest possible numbers, if possible “one”. To arrive with a industrial process at this objective in full or partial, a high degree in flexibility of the utilized Production Equipment and the exchange of data with the Business Processes. Including entities external to the Corporation.

This concept opens new possibilities, but also introduces new risk potential. Especially in the area of IT-Security and the resilience of the systems to unwanted or wanted externally introduced disturbances. Also the focus in Industry 4.0 is increased towards working with Data, combination of Data, the interpretation of Data and the direct exchange of Data with automated Production Equipment.

Machines, Appliances, Sensors and Humans can or will be networked in the concept of Industry 4.0. Communication is performed over the Internet of Things or the Internet of Humans.

Digital Data of sensors extend Information System to a digital representation of the real world in Production. From it Assistance Systems are possible to be derived that support Humans in form of aggregates, visualized and comprehensible Information to their Work and supporting their Decision Making Process.

To allow a high autonomy of the resulting Cyber-Physical Systems it requires a higher degree of independent decision finding. Disturbances or Conflicts of Goals trigger involving a higher instance, in this understanding the Human, to be resolved there.

Your Benefit

We are independent Consultancy Partner for your Industrial Business with a inter-disciplinary Team. You receive with us a single point of interaction for Organizational Development and Development of Production Technology and Information Technology for your business.

We design with you the Strategy and the Implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts and models, on basis of selected Projects that provide return to the business activities of your Corporation.

Development of Organization in parallel to the development of your Production Assets

New knowledge and skills are required when introducing concepts of Industry 4.0 in your Business. The exchange between Business Processes with Production Assets is intensified. Especially solving conflicts or interruptions on Production Level require additional competencies of your Personnel.

We work inter-disciplinary across the areas of Organizational Development and Technology Consulting, hence at our disposal comprehensive understanding on the effects to your Operation and your Production when using Industry 4.0 concepts or models.

Benefit Analysis

We develop with you the Analysis of Benefits on effects and results of Industry 4.0 concepts and models relevant to your production, as basis for your informed decision making on introduction of Industry 4.0 in your Operation.

Strategy Development

We develop the Investment- and Utilization-Strategy for selected Industry 4.0 concepts or models, including the related parallel development of your Operation when implementing the resulting Technology Projects. The full potential of Industry 4.0 lies in having interplay of your Business Processes with your Technology Processes, making it accessible for Added Value to your operation.

Technology Consulting

Additional support is available for you from our area of Technology Consulting for complete process of introducing of Industry 4.0 Technology.