Information Technology

We understand Industrial Automation, Information Technology and Software Development and how these may fire up your Production.

Maybe you have experienced this already: A  process could be finished in minutes, but the used software solution is complex to handle or introducing unnecessary complications.

It does not have to be that way. Efficiency of Processes introduced by the design of the interaction between Humans and Automation or Software, is a factor worth considering and supporting your Personnel and Business in its production of Added Value.

We have developed, for some of our industrial customers, Software Solutions that present itself as simple yet highly efficient in its interaction with their users. This experience in the design of Human-Machine or Human-Software interaction is available for you.

Your Benefit

We design with you the requirements to Automation or Information Technology with respect to the understandable and simple operation within your Business and Manufacturing Processes.

We support or take over the search for suitable Suppliers, the initial interviews and the process of awarding the Project. During the Project we complement or take over the Project Supervision up into Start-Up of the supply.

Profit from our experience in Projects worldwide in the area of Industrial Automation and Information Technology. And from our knowledge on design of Human-Machine Interaction.

Requirement Profile and available Technology

We develop the Requirement Profile for the modernization, the replacement or the extension of your utilized Industrial Automation or Information Technology. We also create an overview for you of relevant Technologies or Solutions available from the suppliers market.

Tendering Process and Supplier Selection

We support or take over the preparation of Tendering Documents for your Project and select with you the Supplier Basis for inquiry of offers. Also the evaluation of the content, viability and cost of received offers for your informed decision making.

In the negotiation with selected suppliers we support you in the way that your awarded Project is understood on side of your supplier and followed through in the Project Implementation.

Project Management or Project Supervision

We are able to provide you experienced Project Management, or Supervision of content or timeline of the Project Implementation of your suppliers.

Your Project shall lead you to Business and Production Processes that support achievement of your Business Objectives.