Hofer Pillwax Meeting

Consulting Programs on goal- and solution-oriented Development of organizational Processes

Are you satisfied with the results your Organization produces, are these advancing towards the Corporate Objectives?

The processes within your Organization determine the results your Organization is producing, different results required changed processes. That includes the designed procedures in your Teams and your Corporate Structure, and also the Technological Processes in your Manufacturing Processes or your IT-Systems.

In our Consulting Programs we build on vertical integrated consulting in which we examine all processes, and the especially the interactions between them.

We work inter-disciplinary and naturally have no artificial boundaries in our Consulting, the full potential of your Teams and the employed Technology will become usable once all processes in the Organization act in harmonic cooperation.

Profit from our experience from our work with Industrial Companies in the global field.

We work extensively across all areas of your company, to successful companies have achieved to operate on fully integrated processes. We help you with that.

Your Benefit

Traditional Consulting experiences limitations that are defined by the field of experience the consultant brings. Comprehensive Projects require in this multiple Consultants and the added coordination creates additional expenditure on time and finances.

Our Consulting Team is self-coordinated, and we staff our Team from different disciplines to the requirements of the Consulting Program we execute with you.

You then have a single point of interaction, instead of needing to communicate across multiple consultants or to sequentially assign them in a time consuming process.

Organizational Development

We support you in the development and advancement of your Team- and Organizational Processes, change processes in the form of Organization, and on Innovation or Change to new or different offerings or increased organizational adaptability and flexibility.

Corporate Accquisition

We support in the Evaluation of Acquisition Candidates or Acquisition Targets if your corporation in the fields of Industries and Manufacturing. Our evaluation ranges from existing Capital Equipment across over the Technological Assets up to the Financial Situation. We also develop viewpoints and evaluation of follow-up Costs or required follow-up Investments in Assets to bring the Acquisition Target up to a desired capacity level.

From that we also develop with you the Takeover Strategy, and the Integration and Management of the acquired Business including the accompanying Strategic Advisory.

Young Business, Start-Up, Innovation

We are experienced in the area of worldwide Industrial Manufacturing. Avoid investment of Time and Finances into developing Products or Services that turn out to be difficult to sell by utilizing our companionship of your Innovation- and Development-Cycle.

Our Feedback to your future Products or Services will help you to prepare these goal-oriented to the entry at your future Customers.


We work since decades with Industrial- and Technology-Businesses at worldwide locations, in different cultural environments and in cooperation with People from different countries.

Profit from our global experience in your Internationalization or the extension of your Business to new geographic Markets that seem at first unfamiliar to you.