Control Room

Use the full Potential of your Organization by using matching Technology

Do you find yourself hindered in a simple process by the Software or Automation utilizied? Are processes in your Business being adjusted to be compatible with the Technology used?

Technology has the potential to increase the Performance and Capacity of your Business, or it may obstruct it. We are of the opinion that Investment into technological Assets shall support and create relieve on achieving the daily, short-term and long-term Business Objectives.

Unleash your Business to its full Potential by using matching Technology. Maybe even in a radical approach with Technology that behaves adaptive or grows modular with the requirements of your Business Environment?

We know Industrial Businesses that achieved a long-term improvement in their competitiveness and protection of their location by intelligently combining Software and Industrial Automation with their technological Assets. We also know Industrial Businesses that are not able to follow their current business environment due to high cost structure or because their Technological Assets are outdated. Which side do you want to belong to?

Your Benefit

Benefit from our over 20 Years of experience in Software-Development for special purposes in worldwide Industrial Manufacturing, the integrated use of Industrial Automation in the fields of Process-Automation, Process-Optimization and automated Process-Management. We match this with our understanding of Organizational Consultancy, the design of Business Processes and Manufacturing Processes.

In this combination we support you in aligning your Business-Processes with your Manufacturing-Processes and the utilized Technology, to resolve unnecessary and cost creating Obstructions and Losses.

We offer you Technology Consulting that extends across the complete lifecycle of Evaluation up to Investment and Start-Up:

Audit and Evaluation

We evaluate the up-to-date use of Technology in your Company and its contribution to the daily Business Routine. This Audit will help you to identify Potential in your Production and where to catch-up to increase Business Profit.

Access your Business Potential

We access with you Potential in your Business or Production that is inaccessible because of unaligned Integration of your Business Processes with your Production Technology and Production Assets.

That ranges from a Continuous Improvement Process up to modification of Process Assets with your Suppliers to increase Operational Efficiency and Capacity.

Modernization through Replacement Investment or Additional Investment

We develop with you the Objective on your Investment into replacement or adding of Technology or Manufacturing Assets, such that the planned investment is aligned with your Business Objectives and the Business Strategy for the time frame of the investment.

We are available as your Project Partner during the full life-cycle of the Expenditure Project from Tendering, selection of Suppliers, Implementation and Start-Up. The parallel advancement of your Organizational and Business Processes included.